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Meet the Axiom Group Team

Our team members are visionary innovators, with diverse experiences, accomplishments, and backgrounds. United by their dedication to a singular mission—driving success through collaboration and innovation.

Doug Engdahl, P.Geo.

President & CEO

Tanya Coetzee, P. Geo.

VP Geophysics & Remote Sensing

Navdeep Toor, Ph.D., P.Chem.

Chief Operating Officer

Tyler Fiolleau, P.Geo.

VP Exploration

Robert Friesen, M.Sc.

VP Environment

Pieter Duplessis, P.Geo.

VP Technology Development

Melissa Engdahl, MBA, MSW, RSW

VP Operations & Community Development

Brendan Engdahl, MBA Candidate

VP Corporate Development

Allison Frisky

Senior Executive Assistant

Lynde Guillaume, P.Geo.

Exploration Manager

Babatunde Bello, P.Geo.

Senior Geophysicist

Jonathan LaFreniere, B.Sc., Geology

Geophysics & Remote Sensing Manager

Ty Magee, M.Sc., P.Geo.

Exploration Manager

Mikaela Miller, P.Geo.

Exploration Geologist

Jonathan Chevalier, B.A.Sc., EVSE

Environmental Engineer-in-Training

Chris Brown, P.Geo.

Senior Geophysicist

Taylor Hinther, A.Sc.T.,C.G.T.

Geomatics Manager

G.V. Shankar, M.Sc.

Senior Advisor & Consultant

Mahdi AbuAli, Ph.D.

Senior Advisor

Logan Anaka, G.I.T.

Exploration Geologist

Branden Fiolleau

G&R Equipment and Logistics Coordinator

Jeffery Balas, G.I.T., B.Sc.Hons

Exploration Geologist

Joel Marit, G.I.T., B.Sc.Hons

Exploration Geologist

Thomas Stanley-Jones

R&D Technology Manager

Javiera Castellanos

Accounting Clerk

Mitchell Bartel

G&R Fleet and Equipment Coordinator

James Schulte, B.Sc.

Exploration Geologist

Jeff Scott

Logistics, Fleet & Warehouse Coordinator

Julie Haskill, CMP

Marketing & Communications Manager

Patrick Jamieson, MBA, B.E.

VP Energy Services

Max Kaczmer, G.I.T.

Exploration Geologist

Craig Cubbon, G.I.T.

Exploration Geologist

Sarah Ryan, G.I.T., B.Sc., B.B.S

Claims & Reporting Manager

Brent Jellicoe

International Exploration Manager

Dawn Black


Oltman Swanepoel


Euston Witbooi


Vessela Hobson, M.Sc.

Senior Geophysicist

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