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Senior Advisor & Consultant

G.V. Shankar, M.Sc.

G.V. Shankar (GV) holds a master’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Saskatchewan (U of S), Canada. He furthered his expertise by training at Hitachi Zosen in Japan and Kaffee Hag in Germany, a General Foods, USA subsidiary. His research at U of S delved into the “Pyrolysis of spent coffee.” In addition to his core competencies in Pollution Control, BioProcess Engineering, and Plant Optimization, GV is recognized for his specialized work in these areas.

With an impressive tenure of 45+ years, GV boasts multi-national experience in managing industrial enterprises. For the past three decades, he has carved a niche as an Entrepreneur in Canada, closely associating with a spectrum of enterprises, from small to large, with a particular emphasis on Western Canada. His professional journey has seen him deeply engaged in ‘Process Equipment Design & Manufacturing,’ followed by ‘Operations & Maintenance (O&M)’ across sectors like ‘Chemical, Petrochemical, Fertilizer, and Power Plants on a global scale. Presently, he is directing his expertise toward areas such as Energy, Mining, Oil and gas, Environment, and Transportation.

Agriculture remains close to his heart. His involvement stretches from the ‘Field to the Fork.’ This includes everything from genomic interventions aimed at enhancing productivity to value addition in diverse products, be it crops, fruits, vegetables, or nuts. GV’s global network is commendable. He has fostered connections with Governments, Industrial Groups, Entrepreneurs, Prime Consultants, Legal Counsels, Process Licensors, EPC companies, Research and Financial Institutions. His knack for relationship-building is evident through his solid ties with Country, Bi- and Multi-Lateral Funding and Financing Institutions. Furthermore, he has collaborated with leading global consulting organizations, notably the “Big 5”.

GV’s interest in the fusion of Information Technology, including deploying AI algorithms, with various consulting, processing, and manufacturing verticals is profound. This inclination stemmed from his entrepreneurial stint running a software corporation in Canada, which bridged connections with India, Japan, the UK, and other pivotal regions.

For a decade, he dedicated his expertise on a contract and need basis as the Strategy Advisor & Sr. Consultant (India) to the Premier of Saskatchewan, the Hon. Brad Wall. This role enabled him to work collaboratively with various government tiers across Canada, the USA, and India. He contributed significantly to the theme: “Food, Fuel & Fertilizer – A Saskatchewan Success Story.”

GV’s holistic experience, from technical expertise to entrepreneurial ventures and strategic advisory roles, underscores his versatility and deep-rooted commitment to industrial excellence.


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