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Claims & Reporting Manager

Sarah Ryan, G.I.T., B.Sc., B.B.S

Sarah is an accomplished geologist with a background in Earth Sciences and Business Studies. She earned her BSc. in Earth Sciences from Memorial University, Newfoundland, and a BBS. in Business Studies from the Technological University of the Shannon, Ireland.

Joining Axiom Group as the first Land & Technical Reporting Manager, Sarah leverages her expertise to drive success within the exploration industry. With a proven track record in streamlining processes, optimizing project management, and facilitating bilingual communication, Sarah brings invaluable experience to her role. She excels in defining project requirements, collaborating effectively with client partners and colleagues, and leading teams to deliver actionable insights and recommendations.

She is proficient in managing portfolios of mineral claims across Canada, showcasing her strategic vision and ability to navigate complex regulatory environments. Recognized for both her vision and meticulous attention to detail, in addition to her talent in cultivating high-performing teams and fostering collaborative work environments, Sarah is dedicated to driving operational excellence through continuous improvement initiatives and innovative solutions. Combining her geological background with business acumen, Sarah is committed to driving success at Axiom Group.


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