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AXIOM GROUP is excited to introduce the groundbreaking NxT™ airborne gravimeter. This next-generation instrument represents a leap forward in airborne geophysics, launched in November 2020 after a comprehensive testing program by New Resolution Geophysics (NRG™). The NxT™ utilizes a state-of-the-art laser ring gyro and strap-down Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), eliminating the need for a
mechanical orientation platform. Its innovative design, using a triad of gyroscopes, mathematically solves for orientation, significantly increasing stability against turbulence and rapid attitude changes of the aircraft.

Equipped with a patented thermally controlled housing, the NxT™ system minimizes long-term drift—a common issue with traditional strapdown gravimeters. This advancement enables unprecedented low-level gravity measurements with sub-milligal accuracy over a 2,800m wavelength.

In addition, Axiom can co-collect magnetic and radiometric data without compromising the tight flight patterns essential for detailed
geophysical surveys.

The NxT’s inaugural mission in February 2021 involved a high-resolution Xplorer magnetic, radiometric, and gravity survey, providing an in-house dataset for NRG’s temperature-stabilized strap-down MEMS-based IMU gravimeter system. The results were exceptional,
offering a high standard of data that aligns remarkably well with ground gravity data, showcasing the ability to capture sharp, defined airborne anomalies even in challenging weather conditions.

The NxT™ system offers multifaceted data collection capabilities, including total field magnetics and radiometrics from a heliborne platform, ensuring high resolution and quality. It operates with impressive specs: an accuracy of less than 1 mGal, drift of less than 0.5 mGal/hour, and a minimum line length of 8 km, usually independent of national bases, providing local, relative gravity readings.


AXIOM GROUP’s Magnetic surveys use the latest technology available; our in-house proprietary systems were developed (and are continually refined) by a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and geophysicists.

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