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Lidar and Multispectral Imagery

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) is a survey method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure ranges
(variable distances) to the Earth from various types of platforms. Using LiDAR measurements, we can generate precise
three-dimensional information about specific areas or surfaces such as trees, buildings, and other infrastructure.

Multispectral imaging captures image data within specific wavelength ranges across the electromagnetic spectrum. We use
camera sensors to collect wavelengths, including light from frequencies beyond the visible light range (infrared and ultraviolet). Spectrum imaging extracts additional information beyond what the human eye can capture and processes them into colour bands in an aerial or
satellite image.

AXIOM GROUP’s LiDAR and multispectral imagery uses the latest technology available; our in-house proprietary systems were developed (and are continually refined) by a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and geophysicists.

LiDAR and multispectral imagery are helpful for the following applications:

•Crop and vegetation health; species classification and stand discrimination
•Digital Elevation Model/Digital Surface Model (DEM/DSM)
•Drainage and slope analysis
•Mineral exploration
•Powerline inspections
•Right-of-way and post-closure vegetation monitoring and erosion assess

We can help strengthen your competitive advantage and contribute to better business decisions with up-to-date insights:

•Asset monitoring
•Automation of spectral data analysis
•Change detection
•Digital transformation
•Operational efficiency identification
•Sustainable development
Find out more about all the ways we can help — contact us to schedule a consultation and we will:
•Work with you to identify the data and other deliverables to meet your goals
•Identify our in-house services to meet your needs
•Assign a team to integrate project management with technical components
•Clearly communicate at every step


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