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Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a geophysical survey method that helps you make better decisions before you bring out the heavy equipment.

GPR works by measuring the propagation time of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation in the microwave band that is reflected from interfaces between materials of different electrical properties. This specialized, shallow, non-invasive, subsurface investigation technique results in highly useful cross-sectional mapping.

GPR can be used in multiple areas for multiple purposes:

  • Delineating subsurface structures and
  • Ground water investigation
  • Ice road integrity surveys
  • Locating buried objects and cavities

AXIOM GROUP’s GPR uses the latest technology available; our in-house proprietary systems were developed (and are continually refined) by a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and geophysicists.

From initial design and operation to project management and optimization, AXIOM GROUP will confidently meet all your requirements to the highest of standards. Our services are developed in-house with our industry and academic partners; we can rapidly deploy the right solutions to meet your needs.

Think GPR can help your project?

Contact us and we will:
• Work with you to identify the data and other deliverables you need to meet your goals
• Identify our in-house services to meet your needs
• Assign a team to integrate project management with technical components
• Clearly communicate at every step

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