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Geological Field Services

Expertise Across All Phases of Exploration

Axiom Group’s Geological Field Services stand at the forefront of mineral exploration, combining deep technical expertise with comprehensive field support to advance your projects through every phase of exploration. Our team of field geologists, geophysicists, and technical experts are experienced in navigating all environments, from the most accessible to the most challenging terrains.

Comprehensive Exploration Support

We offer a full suite of geological field services designed to ensure the success of your exploration projects. Our services cover everything from initial project planning and permitting to the detailed technical work of geological mapping and data acquisition.

Our Services Include:

  • Project Planning, Permitting, and Implementation: Guiding your project from concept through to execution with meticulous planning and regulatory compliance.
  • Field Camp Design and Construction: Establishing operational bases in remote locations, ensuring your team has the infrastructure needed to conduct fieldwork effectively.
  • Drilling Contracting and Contract Management: Managing all aspects of drilling operations, from contractor selection to oversight and quality control.
  • Geological and Structural Field Mapping: Detailed mapping to uncover the geological features and structures critical to identifying mineral deposits.
  • Regolith Mapping: Analyzing surface material composition to inform exploration strategies.
  • Artisanal Mining Reviews: Evaluating existing artisanal mining activities to assess potential mineralization.
  • Logging, Sampling, QA/QC, and Chain of Custody Implementation: Ensuring the integrity and accuracy of geological samples through rigorous quality control protocols.
  • Ground Geophysical Survey Design and Data Acquisition: Deploying advanced geophysical techniques to visualize subsurface structures and mineralization.
  • Geochemical Sampling Programming: Designing and executing geochemical sampling campaigns to identify anomalies and target areas for detailed exploration.
  • QA/QC Protocol Design: Establishing quality assurance and control measures to maintain high standards of data reliability.
  • Onsite Staff Training: Providing comprehensive training to field staff on the latest geological fieldwork techniques and safety protocols.

Why Choose Axiom Group for Geological Field Services?

  • Experienced Technical Experts: Our team brings unparalleled expertise and experience in geological fieldwork, ensuring your exploration projects are conducted with precision and insight.
  • In-Country Footprint: We can establish and manage an in-country presence, handling logistics, safety, security, and local staffing, allowing your geologists to focus on the exploration.
  • Turn-Key Project Management: Axiom Group offers full project management services, from camp construction to logistical organization, streamlining your operations and enhancing project efficiency.

Partner with Axiom Group for Advanced Exploration Solutions

With Axiom Group’s Geological Field Services, you gain a partner dedicated to the success of your exploration projects. Our comprehensive support, from project planning to field implementation, ensures that you have the expertise and infrastructure to uncover valuable mineral deposits and confidently advance your projects.

Embark on your next exploration venture with the support of Axiom Group’s seasoned geologists and geophysicists. Contact us today to learn how our Geological Field Services can transform your exploration strategy and results.


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