Axiom Exploration’s team of diverse Geoscientists employs experience gained across 15 countries and 6 continents providing geological expertise. Our Geoscientists are equipped with the latest industry knowledge and tools to provide our clientele with the most reliable and accurate data possible.

From the initial design, operation, and management of grass-roots exploration programs to the optimization of advanced projects, Axiom can confidently meet all your company’s requirements to the highest of standards.

Geological Field Services

Our professional team prides themselves on their ability to design, operate, manage and optimize highly successful exploration programs focused on any commodity.Our team has been involved with projects focusing on:

Au, Ag, U, Cu, Co, Ni, Zn, Ti, Diamonds, PGEs and REEs

Axiom has teams with experience managing projects worldwide. With a diverse experience base for logistical operations, we can better adapt to changing conditions and uncertain parameters to maximize cost effectiveness in the field.

  • Exploration Program Design & Management
  • Contract Geologists, Project Managers & Geological Technicians
  • Drill Target Generation & Design
  • Surficial/Subsurface Geological Mapping
  • Core Logging & Sampling
  • Procurement, Drill Contracting & Service Provider Management
  • Prospecting, Field Sampling & Claim Staking
  • Remote Sensing & Geophysical Analysis
  • Portable XRF and ioGAS Geochemical Analysis

Technical Reviews & Reporting

Axiom has an experienced team of professionals that can accurately provide any level of project management, supervision, field work, report generation or data compilation.

Including: historical data compilation and interpretation; assessment and technical reporting; and the development and implementation of policy and procedures. Axiom's specialized team has your needs covered.

  • Assessment Reports & Filings
  • Ni 43-101 Compliant Reporting
  • Land Assessments / Evaluations
  • Data Compilation / Conversion / Interpretation
  • Database Management & Data Validation
  • Historic Data Verification & Analysis
  • Policy & Procedure Generation / Implementation

Resource Modelling & Estimation

Accurate structural and lithological models are often integral to successful drill-hole target generation, mine development and mineralization emplacement definition.

Axiom’s team uses advanced geostatistical methods and software combined with their collective geological understanding to ensure the accuracy of their resource models and estimations.

  • 3D Lithological /Structural / Geochemical / Mineralization Model Generation
  • Resource Modelling, Estimation & Classification
  • Geostatistical Analyses
  • Production Reconciliation
  • NI 43-101, SAMREC and JORC Compliant
  • Vulcan and Leapfrog Modelling Software

Geophysical Processing & Interpretation

Offering full Project Management & QA/QC services, Axiom’s geophysical team provides cost effective survey planning to maximize any exploration budget and the ability to complete all tenders and RFP’s related to any geophysical survey. These services include daily 3rd party data QA/QC for ongoing programs, and forward modelling to determine effectiveness of planned programs.

  • Integration of geology, geochemistry, and geophysics
  • Can include historical datasets & integrate with current surveys
  • 3D Inversions of magnetic & electromagnetic datasets
  • Recommendations for future geophysical surveys
  • Drill targeting and pierce point identification

Synthetic Aperture Radar Analysis

By combining modern remote sensing techniques using synthetic aperture radar and multispectral imaging to analyze structure, vegetation, alteration, and ground movement, complex anomalies covering large areas can be quickly and effectively identified. This is a multivariate exploration approach, combining existing geological, geochemical, and geophysical data with multiple satellite analyses, to identify new potential mineral targets.

  • Nearly all-weather capability, day, or night, with minimal atmospheric effects
  • Penetrate through vegetation
  • Image every 12 days, 10 m x, y resolution and 3 mm z resolution, depending on topography
  • 10 m resolution data included in standard pricing
  • Increased resolution data at 5 and 0.3 m resolution can be costed

Sentinel & Aster Multispectral / Hyperspectral Analysis

Satellite analyses is very effective at picking up individual alteration products resulting from various styles of mineralization.

  • Daylight imagery with more frequent images, but affected by clouds, smoke, and other atmospheric effects
  • Up to 32 spectral bands available for advanced analysis
  • Image every 5 days, 10 m x, y resolution
  • Standard pricing includes data at 10 m resolution
  • Increased resolution data at 4 and 0.5 m resolution can be costed.
  • Increased resolution data available at daily revisit times
  • Increased resolution data pricing is dictated via the desired product, as well as the required frequency of update, size of area and a number of other factors


Axiom has teams based throughout North America. We have the ability to significantly reduce mobilization time and the cost to our clients.