Environmental & Engineering Consulting

AXIOM GROUP’s skilled team of environmental professionals have been providing high-quality, multi-disciplinary environmental and engineering consulting services to industry (e.g., energy and mining), government (e.g., municipal, provincial, federal), First Nations, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), small business, and other private sector clients in Canada for over 25 years.

Our scientific expertise encompasses physical, chemical, and biological aspects of the environment, and we work closely with our Exploration, Energy, and UAV/Geomatics divisions to provide a unique, technology-based approach to address our client’s natural resource and environmental management needs.

Project Approvals & Risk Management

Permitting | Regulatory Liaison | Representation |
Communication & Engagement

We provide technical input and value throughout all stages of a project including exploration, planning, and permitting, operations, performance and compliance monitoring, and decommissioning/closure. AXIOM GROUP’s unique and versatile project management approach and associated stakeholder (Regulatory, Indigenous, Public) communication and engagement services are used to move projects forward while effectively managing project schedules and risks.

Our staff have experience with client representation at regulatory and licensing hearings and inquiries serving as technical experts/advisors on behalf of industry, government, local stakeholder groups, and Indigenous peoples.

Environmental Impact Assessment

EIA/EIS | PEA & Feasibility | Environmental Protection | Third-Party Review

Our experienced and multi-disciplinary staff provide detailed scoping and critical analysis for preliminary, and federal and provincial environmental impact assessments/studies (EIA/EIS) associated with industrial mining and oil and gas projects. We provide a broad range of terrestrial and aquatic surveys for multi-year and multi-season baseline and inventory assessments including aerial surveys with thermal imaging and hyperspectral analysis.

AXIOM GROUP can lead and complete the entire EIA process including but not limited to: detailed modelling, risk assessment, statistical analysis, and trend monitoring services to evaluate potential project environmental and socio-economic impacts at local and regional scales; develop and implement environmental protection and mitigation measures; and, design and implement ongoing and adaptive monitoring programs to ensure projects receive regulatory approval and are environmentally sustainable. We have extensive local and international experience helping mining and oil and gas clients evaluate and manage their environmental liabilities as part of PEA & Feasibility studies and completing remediation and reclamation activities in support of facility decommissioning and closure.

Impacted Sites Investigations

ESAs | Environmental/Human Risk Assessment | Remediation & Reclamation | Geophysics

AXIOM GROUP can readily deploy our in-house geophysical and remote sensing technologies, and data processing capabilities to add value and confidence to our traditional contaminated sites and environmental site assessment (ESA) services.

These enhancements can reduce the potential for requiring additional Phases/Stages of ESAs by adding certainty to assessments and provides an opportunity to reduce costs by optimizing drill hole placement and sample collection/laboratory analysis. Our readily available technology and geophysics (e.g., GPR, EM) for non-intrusive sub-surface contaminant assessment and remediation monitoring, our aerial remote sensing for surface imagery, electromagnetic surveys for hard to access areas, or LiDAR generated elevation models for earthworks (i.e. cut, fill, excavation, volume calculations) during and after remediation, provides more options on which to base decisions.

Coupled with our environmental and human health risk toxicologists that develop detailed conceptual site models for each investigation, and utilize a risk-based approach to managing and remediating contaminated sites, AXIOM GROUP offers a unique combination of services to help clients understand and manage environmental liabilities.

Water Resources

Watershed | Drainage & Flood Mapping | Aquatic Resources | Climate Science

Surface water (quality and quantity) is ideally managed at the watershed level. AXIOM GROUP can develop watershed protection and management plans, and watershed health metrics for assessing and monitoring long-term changes because of urban development and industrial projects.

We have completed numerous aquatic resource and fisheries assessments in support of surface water withdrawal and allocation licensing for various exploration and mining projects across Canada including permitting of crossings over wetlands, lakes, streams, and rivers.

Drainage, flood fringe, floodway, and floodplain analysis and mapping can be completed by our technical staff using LiDAR and hydrological modelling especially in areas of dense vegetation (riparian areas) or under crop cover at accuracies in the centimeter scale.

Our staff relies on climate science and various climate models to incorporate climate projections into adaptation and mitigation projects for greater resiliency due to increased climate variability.

Wastewater & Effluent Management

Permitting | Discharge Limits | Treatment | Bioanalytical

Our experience in water and wastewater treatment and management includes both municipal and industrial sectors. We provide a range of municipal services related to water and wastewater treatment plants, lagoons, stormwater ponds, and associated discharges and residuals, and help our clients protect the environment and downstream resources.

Additionally, AXIOM GROUP has designed, constructed, and permitted various settling and treatment ponds, passive treatment systems (constructed and opportunistic wetlands) for the management of industrial process waters, discharges, tailings, mine dewatering, and seepage.

We offer effluent effects monitoring services including but not limited to: effluent characterization, mixing zone and dilution assessments, dye studies, establishing permit limits (EQO/EDOs), limnological and nutrient cycling studies, aquatic and benthic species inventory and assessment, in-situ bioassays, water/sediment and biological tissue quality assessment, bioaccumulation, bioconcentration, and biomagnification modelling, site specific water and sediment quality criteria development, and statistical and trend analysis.

Environmental Sustainability & GHG Management

ESG | GHG Inventory & Assessment | Carbon Mitigation & Offsetting

Our environmental sustainability services are used by our clients to evaluate and deliver ESG-minded operations and projects. We offer GHG inventory assessments, and mitigation and carbon offsetting planning and tracking that is compliant with international standards (e.g., ISO 14064) and guidelines (e.g., IPCC, GHG Protocol).

Based on your organization’s objectives, AXIOM GROUP will work closely with your team to establish a baseline for Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions for corporate and operational units, together or separately, and establish short-term and long-term emission targets with a clear mitigation plan/path to successfully achieve those targets under any mandatory or voluntary emissions monitoring and reporting governance structure.

Our UAV & Geomatics division offers aerial (helicopter and UAV) and satellite-based technology to quantify various GHG emissions and natural carbon stocks used for sequestration.


Your success is our success. We undertake each project with confidence.

Through open communication with our clients, integrated approach to service delivery, and attention to detail and quality.

AXIOM GROUP guarantees that the goals established in your office are successfully and efficiently achieved in the field.